Recommendations and preventive measures against heat waves

Preventive measures against heat

  • Drink plenty of water, although you are not thirsty, 2 liters a day, minimum; avoid alcohol and
  • Take a shower or bath, with warm water in the most intense heat.
  • Avoid excessive sun, especially between 12:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables. Avoid copious meals.
  • Place yourself in the cooler areas when at home, close blinds and windows and open them at night to ventilate.
  • Help the most vulnerable people in your surroundings: the elderly, children and the sick.
  • If you are very old, are taking medication or have a chronic illness, consult your doctor about  any follow-up measures you should take.
  • Wear light, loose clothing, preferably light colored cotton.
  • If you go outside, wear protection: a hat, places.
  • Never leave anyone in a closed or parked vehicle, nor your pet.
  • If you are going to work out, it is not advisable to do it during the central hours of the day.

Avoid health problems caused by heat


  • Wear sunscreen and spend little time in the sun.

Muscle cramps due to excessive physical activity or elevated sweating:

  • Stop the activity being performed and rest in a cool place.
  • Do not participate in any intense, long duration, physical activity.
  • Drink water diluted juices or sports drinks. Consult your doctor if cramps last more than an hour

Heat exhaustion caused by excessive depletion headache, tiredness, weakness, dizziness, nausea or fainting:

  • Rest in a cool place.
  • Drink water diluted juices or sports drinks.
  • Consult your doctor if symptoms last more than an hour.

Heat stroke

It is a serious problem: the body is unable to regulate its temperature, which increases rapidly and can reach 40,6 ºC (105,08 ºF)

Its main symptoms are: heat, dryness and red skin, rapid heartbeat, severe headache, confusion and unconsciousness.

  • Call emergency: without urgent medical help, heat stroke can be fatal.
  • While waiting, cool the body, rest in a dark room, put cold water cloth on the body or immerse it in a shower or tub of cool water.

Hospitals and Health centres in Alicante

Hospital General Universitario de Alicante
C/ Pintor Baeza, 11, 03010 Alicante
Tel/ Phone: +34-965 933 000
Clínica HLA Vistahermosa
Avinguda de Dénia, 103, 03015 Alicante
Tel/Phone +34-966 70 93 12
Hospital Universitario San Juan De Alicante
Av. de Alicante, 03550 San Juan de Alicante,
Tel/ Phone: +34-965 16 94 00
Hospital Vithas Internacional Medimar
Av. de Dénia, 78, 03016 Alicante
Tel .Phone: +34-965 16 22 00
Hospital Vithas Perpetuo Socorro
Placa Dr. Gómez Ulla, 15 · 965 20 11 00
Tel/ Phone: +34- 965 201 100

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