Accessible beaches in Alicante

Alicante city offers a service of accessible beaches during the summer season (from 1 July to 15 September). These services aim at bringing Alicante beaches closer to people with functional diversity.

The accessible areas on the beaches of Alicante provide two types of service: one for people with intellectual disabilities, providing assistance, accompaniment and educational recreation; another service of accompaniment and assistance to the toilet for people with reduced mobility.

The accessible areas are located in the beaches of San Juan, Postiguet and Saladares-Urbanova, and from July 2021 also in Tabarca Island.

Schedule 2024

From 1 July to 15 September. 

Attention to the bathroom for people with reduced mobility. In the TOILET AREA, appointments will be made as follows:

    • BY PHONE: on the days prior to the visit, preferably between 14:30 and 17:30.
    • IN PERSON in the area during the opening hours of the service.

The telephones will be operational on 1/07/2024.

    • 689598208 – POSTIGUET BEACH
    • 608195922 – SAN JUAN BEACH
    • 679279942 – URBANOVA BEACH
    • 672099825 – TABARCA BEACH


Recreational-educational service for people with functional, intellectual and/or sensory diversity. In the PLAY-PEDAGOGICAL AREA:

    • As in previous years, prior appointment is by registration and any queries to 672099825.


  • Shaded areas with special 100m2 wide access walkways, toilets, showers and adapted changing rooms on the beaches of Postiguet, San Juan and Urbanova.
  • Adapted parking spaces.
  • Use of crutches and amphibious chairs.
  • Staff with extensive experience in assisting this group.

Registration form for the pedagogical recreational area service

Service rules and registration form for the service of attention to functional diversity on beaches.


  • Provide respite for parents and guardians.
  • Provide the support required for users to interact with the coastal environment, making the most of the resources and benefits it can offer.
  • Social integration.
  • Act as an educational stopgap to the work carried out by schools, which is interrupted during the summer months.
  • Offer the necessary support so that both residents and tourists can benefit from their stay in our beaches, independently of their motor or intellectual capacity.

Where to find them

  • From 1st July: San Juan Beach: access 10, opposite the Tourist Office.
  • From 3rd July: Postiguet Beach: access 13, Cocó-Estación de la Marina area.
  • From 1st July: Saladares-Urbanova Beach: access 6, opposite the lifeguard post.
  • From 5th July: Tabarca Island Beach.

Accessible parking

  • San Juan Beach: next to access 10, in front of the Tourist Info Office.
  • Postiguet Beach: next to access 13, Cocó-Estación de la Marina area.
  • Saladares-Urbanova Beach: a few metres from access 6, opposite the lifeguard service.


APP para conocer el estado de las playas de Alicante, así como la radiación solar o la posible presencia de medusas