Santa Faz Pilgrimage


Alicante celebrates its popular pilgrimage “La Peregrina”. It takes place on the second Thursday after Maundy Thursday.

On the second Thursday after Maundy Thursday the popular pilgrimage known as La Peregrina to the Santa Faz Monastery takes place. The monastery is located 5 kilometres from the centre of Alicante, and, according to tradition, it is where the fabric that Veronica used to dry the face of Christ on the way of the Cross is kept.

Usual itinerary:

  • From 7:00 a.m., distribution of rosemary canes in the Co-cathedral of San Nicolás and the Town Hall.
  • 07:45: Co-cathedral of San Nicolás.
  • 08:00 a.m.: La Peregrina (The Pilgrim’s Pilgrimage). Co-cathedral of San Nicolás.
  • From 8:00 to 10:00 hours: route from the Co-cathedral of San Nicolás to the Santa Faz Monastery: Miguel Soler, San Nicolás,
  • Mayor, Plaza Santísima Faz, Mayor, Villavieja, Virgen del Socorro, Avda. Dénia and Alicante-Valencia-Caserío Santa Faz road.
  • From 7:00 to 11:30 a.m., ‘Paraeta Municipal’, installed on the pavement in front of the exit of the Vistahermosa Complex next to La Cigüeña street.
  • From 10:30 to 11:30 a.m.: opening of the Camarín for the extraction of the image of the Santa Faz.
    • Official Mass. Luis Foglietti Square (duration approximately 1 hour). Performance by the Tabarquera Choir.
    • Subsequent closure of the Camarín.

*** The duration of the itinerary will depend on the progress of the official procession ***.

Bus to the Monastery

The Alicante City Council and Vectalia MIA, the bus public transportation concessionaire, will provide a shuttle service on Thursday to Santa Faz every five minutes between Puerta del Mar and Caserío from eight in the morning until nine in the evening. This service will continue on Saturday and Sunday with a frequency of 20 minutes.

A taxi stand for ten units will also be enabled at Postiguet, at the height of the pedestrian walkway.
The TRAM will reinforce its convoys with double composition, and all lines will stop at every station, including Line 1 from Benidorm, starting from six in the morning to pick up individuals who want to journey to Caserío, with the official Pilgrim departing at eight in the morning.

The route of the Pilgrim along Denia Avenue will necessitate slight modifications to the routes of bus lines 02, 09, 11, and 11H. Additionally, Lines 2, 8, and 13 will be reinforced, following Saturday schedules, and Line 22 will maintain its weekday schedule with frequencies between 13 and 15 minutes.

Tips for the Santa Faz pilgrimage

  • Wear comfortable clothing and natural fibers to prevent chafing.
  • It is better to use comfortable shoes that you have already used before to avoid injuries.
  • Rest each time you feel the need to.
  • It is recommended to wear a cap and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun and avoid sunstroke.
  • Drink water and/or juice before feeling thirsty to avoid dehydration.
  • Remember that drinking alcohol can accelerate possible dehydration.
    Enjoy and have fun!

Discover the Monastery of Santa Faz

In a baroque style, this monastery stands just five kilometres from the city limits, in the municipal district of the same name. It guards a relic that was brought over from The Vatican in the 15th century which, according to popular tradition, was the fabric with which Veronica dried the bleeding face of Jesus on the Way of the Cross.

Mapa itinerario de la Romería de Santa Faz


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