Plaza de Toros de Alicante



Plaza de Toros bullfighting ring is located in Plaza de España square. It houses the Bullfighting Museum of Alicante.

Built in 1847 by Alicante architect Emilio Jover, it had to be completely renovated in 1884 due to serious deterioration. Its second architect, José Guardiola, took on this important project and added a second floor with stairs and independent adjacent accesses.

How to get there

  • Bus: 01-03-04-24 ( Plaza de Toros)
  • TRAM: L1-L2-L3-L4-L9 (Mercado Central)


Plaza de Toros de Alicante
Pza. de España nº 7-8,
03004 Alicante (Spain)

Phone +34 965 140 208