Alicante at night

Let yourself be guided by our suggestions and enjoy Alicante nightlife.

If you take our advice, you’ll have some great nights out in Alicante. This lively city offers visitors a wide range of events, bars, restaurants, ice cream parlours, pubs, and clubs where fun and entertainment are guaranteed all year round. Alicante is rightly famous for its busy nightlife areas in the city centre and the “Barrio” (old town), around the marina and beside the San Juan beach.

"The Barrio” and the City Centre

The “Barrio” is where most of the fun starts in Alicante. Located in the old part of the city and including the districts of Santa Cruz and del Carmen, it has a wide range of pubs and restaurants (many with outdoor seating) located on the streets of Labradores and San Isidro, San Cristóbal Square and in the surrounding area. This area was the original birthplace of Alicante’s nightlife, and still boasts some of the city’s most historic nightspots.

Less than a stone’s throw from the “Barrio” is the city centre, where an enticing area based around the Rambla, the Portal de Elche, Gabriel Miró Square and streets San Francisco and Castaños awaits you with a full range of nightlife activities: bars, restaurants, cocktail bars, ice cream parlours, and pubs where you can spend a wonderful evening any night of the week.

And that’s not all! The area around the Central Market, hosts a variety of nightclubs and concert venues catering to fans of rock, as well as some of the most famous establishments in the city. On Saturdays it is also the meeting place for enthusiasts of the late afternoon throng known as the “Tardeo”.

Alicante Seafront

As a Mediterranean city, Alicante naturally offers entertainment and fun by the sea as well. In the summer, you can enjoy the lively atmosphere of the beach bars (chiringuitos) located on several of the city’s beaches. There are also restaurants, ice cream parlours, discos, and exciting nightspots galore open throughout the year at the Marina’s Levante dock and in the Volvo area.

The popular and bustling Explanada de España, a must-see for visitors to Alicante, offers a host of attractions, including an open-air theatre called “la Concha”, with a busy programme of evening events (mostly concerts in the summer). The Panoramis shopping centre located at the Poniente dock offers modern cinemas.

San Juan beach

San Juan Beach is definitely one of the city’s biggest tourist attractions, and has an extremely varied nightlife scene. If you want to enjoy dinner by the sea, the best place to go is the Avenida de Niza, or if it’s a drink you’re looking for, there are beach bars open throughout the summer.

The Avenida Costa Blanca is home to various pubs, which also organise all kinds of entertainment (from theatre to culinary events), cafes, ice cream parlours, and restaurants catering to all tastes.

You can enjoy fine Alicante cuisine at the Fontana and Garden Shopping Centres and nearby surroundings, and many of the shops are open until late.

Torre Golf Shopping Centre takes its name from the beautiful watchtower located in the same area. This enchanting historic location is an ideal place to entertain your children, try some delicious ice creams, and dance until late into the night.

LASEDA Gastro Village offers a variety of culinary experiences and cultural and leisure activities in a charming Mediterranean village setting of small houses and winding streets.

In addition to its dynamic and contemporary programme of cultural events, this modern complex hosts restaurants, bars specialising in tapas or beer, cocktail bars, a children’s play and entertainment centre, and relaxed nightclubs.

Events and night time activities

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