Ingredients for 4 people

  • Olive oil
  • 400 gr ‘bomba’ rice
  • Salmorreta
  • 300g monkfish
  • 16 medium-sized red prawns
  • 100 g young garlic
  • 2.5l fish stock
  • Prawn head allioli (garlic mayonnaise)
  • Saffron
  • Salt


We chop the monkfish tail into medium-sized dices to put in the rice, and cut several slices from the widest part of the monkfish; we very lightly fry these slices with olive oil in the paella pan and set them aside to decorate when we serve the rice later. We briefly sauté the rest of the monkfish in the paella pan over a low heat and take it out to add to the rice in the last 5 minutes, thus ensuring that the rice will take on all the flavour and the monkfish will remain tasty. We do the same thing with the peeled prawn tails.

Then we squeeze the raw fresh prawn heads to extract all their juice and use it to prepare an allioli with garlic confit and raw extra virgin olive oil, and we set it aside to add it to the rice once it is ready. We briefly sauté the squeezed prawn heads and the prawn skin in the paella pan to give more taste and set them aside. We subsequently sauté the chopped young garlic over a low heat being careful not to burn it; we add a tablespoon of salmorreta, 2.5l fish stock, and when it comes to the boil, we add the rice, ‘sprinkling’ it so that it will be evenly distributed; we add salt and let it cook for a total of 17 minutes – the first 3 over a high heat and the rest of the time over a medium heat.

When only 5 minutes are left, we will add the diced monkfish, the prawn tails that we have already sautéed and the saffron strands previously hydrated in a glass with a little paella stock. Then we put the paella pan into the oven at 180ºC to cook through and to prevent it from getting stuck or burnt. When the 17 minutes have elapsed, we take it out and, if we want to give it a socarrat (slightly burnt) touch, we will place the paella pan back on a very strong heat for a few seconds.

Alacant City of Rice

Rice is undoubtedly the starring character in Alicante city’s gastronomy. So much so that we could practically eat a different speciality each day of the year. Dry rice, brothy rice, rice with seafood, creamy rice, rice combined with vegetables, meat or fish. In fact, the best products from both the Alicante coastal and mountain areas blendwith our star ingredient to offer us the best of our healthy and tasty Mediterranean diet.

“Alicante City of Rice” will give you the chance to be familiar with the recipes of the most outstanding rice dishes; from traditional dishes rooted in Alicante’s centuries-long pantry to avant-garde dishes which advocate creativity and fusion with new tastes. All of them are rice dishes cooked with Mediterranean passion that you will be able to enjoy paired with the prestigious Alicante Protected Designation of Origin (D.O.P.) wines.

“Alicante City of Rice” is a project that has as its aim not only to highlight the value of our wonderful gastronomic tradition but also to become a meeting point, with rice playing a central role.