Ingredients for 4 people

• 400g ‘bomba’ rice
• Approx. 200g fine clams
• 8 Mussels
• 8 King prawns
• 250g chicken
• 150g peas
• 100g red pepper
• 200ml olive oil
• 100g crushed tomato
• 4 cloves of garlic
• 200g very finely cut squid
• Fish stock



Pour the oil in the paella pan and sauté the chicken and the cloves of garlic together with the tomato. When it is brown, add the squid and fry it all lightly for a few minutes. Then add the rice, the clams and the peas, and pour in the fish stock continuing to cook until it boils. Leave it for 10 minutes and subsequently add the mussels and the pepper strips. After a few more minutes on the heat, we put it in the oven so that the dish can cook through and the rice can absorb all the flavours.

“Alicante City of Rice”

Rice is undoubtedly the starring character in Alicante city’s gastronomy. So much so that we could practically eat a different speciality each day of the year. Dry rice, brothy rice, rice with seafood, creamy rice, rice combined with vegetables, meat or fish. In fact, the best products from both the Alicante coastal and mountain areas blendwith our star ingredient to offer us the best of our healthy and tasty Mediterranean diet.

“Alicante City of Rice” will give you the chance to be familiar with the recipes of the most outstanding rice dishes; from traditional dishes rooted in Alicante’s centuries-long pantry to avant-garde dishes which advocate creativity and fusion with new tastes. All of them are rice dishes cooked with Mediterranean passion that you will be able to enjoy paired with the prestigious Alicante Protected Designation of Origin (D.O.P.) wines.

“Alicante City of Rice” is a project that has as its aim not only to highlight the value of our wonderful gastronomic tradition but also to become a meeting point, with rice playing a central role.