Recommendations to the bite of Portuguese man-of-war

Protocol for action in contact with Portuguese man-of-war made by the City Hall of Alicante.

  1. Please remove any remaining tentacles that may be in contact with your skin. Avoid scratching the area and do not touch the remains of the tentacles with bare hands.
  2. You can neutralize the poison with alcohol, vinegar or local cooling treatments. Then wash the area with sea water. Do not use fresh water.
  3. Although the pain usually goes away in about two hours, please seek medical attention, especially if the pain is severe or associated with any other discomfort.
  4. The Portuguese man-of-war bite can be serious, especially in children or if there exist previous allergies.
  5. Do not touch a Portuguese man-of-war jellyfish, even if it is apparently dead on the shore. It is still toxic to touch up until 48 hours after it has died.
  6. Please notify the authorities or lifeguards and warn other users if you see a Portuguese wan-of-war jellyfish either in the water or on the shore

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