Ingredients for 4 people

Rice with leg of beef and chickpeas (Arroz con pata de ternera y garbanzos.)
• 400g rice
• 250g chickpeas
• 250ml olive oil
• 2 onion black puddings
• 2kg leg of beef
• 1 ripe tomato
• 1 onion
• 50g cooking chorizo
• Colouring and salt
• 4 cloves of chopped garlic




The leg is left to boil for about an hour and a half. Next, it is boned and cut into pieces setting it aside with the broth until its subsequent use.

In a clay casserole, sauté the chopped onion, the black pudding, the chorizo and the garlic with olive oil; add the diced tomato and the leg broth, after which the leg and the chickpeas are added.

Season with the colouring and the salt, add the rice and bring to the boil for fifteen to eighteen minutes until cooked.


Alicante City of Rice” is a project that has as its aim not only to highlight the value of our wonderful gastronomic tradition but also to become a meeting point – with rice playing a central role – for different initiatives such as gastronomic seminars, symposia and cooking demonstration sessions to promote our city’s gastronomic excellence both nationally and internationally.

Rice is undoubtedly the starring character in our city’s gastronomy. So much so that we could practically eat a different speciality each day of the year. Dry rice, brothy rice, rice with seafood, creamy rice, rice combined with vegetables, meat or fish. In fact, the best products from both the Alicante coastal and mountain areas blendwith our star ingredient to offer us the best of our healthy and tasty Mediterranean diet.