Alicante in costume – It’s Carnival Time!

If thousands of people dancing in the street makes you realise that your daily attire is out of place it’s probably because you are on Rambla de Alicante street and it’s carnival time. Festival time is deep rooted in Alicante’s culture comprising of street parties, with its spectacular finale on Sábado Ramblero (Saturday before Ash Wednesday). Fun is the theme of this day when thousands of people come to Alicante dressed in their most original, quirky or lavish traditional, gala garments, exchanging their daily outfits for those of superheroes, princesses, wizards, fairies, infants, older people, trolls or zombies. Alicante Carnival is one of the most highly participated carnivals in the Valencian Community.

This festival thrives on the streets of the city centre, filled with people dressed for a fun occasion. There is so much variety, shown in the imagination of each and every one who takes part in Alicante Carnival, whose main purpose is the participation of everyone and its only premise is to have fun. This is what one can find in Alicante Carnival. Children’s participation is fundamental in the early afternoon, when the festival is dedicated to them. At night, Alicante turns this festival into one of enjoyment, colour and good humour.

The festival continues until Shrove Tuesday when the people of Alicante take to the streets again, this time to Casco Antiguo (the Old Town) to continue the. The Carnival comes to an end on Wednesday with Entierro de la Sardina (Burial of the Sardine), where it is to wear black to mourn the Sardine., Lent begins and we’ll be ready for Easter.


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Sábado Ramblero